Sunday, March 1, 2015

In the 1920's color was roaring into fashion!

Women just loved to show off their feet in the 1920’s, after all, they had been hidden in boots and under a long dresses for centuries. The foot was now something to to be seen. The shoe showed off as much skin (stockings) as possible. Straps in the early 1920’s were thick but as the decade progressed straps became thinner, covered with designs of precious stones, beads or metal sequins. Colors also grew from boring, black, brown, and white into silk and satin dyed colors. Many women hand painted shoe heels in swirls of gold, silver, red, and blue. Watch out world! Color was roaring into fashion! Shoe retailed by Harrods Ltd, c.1925 via Northampton museum  More about the Roarings 20's found here

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