Thursday, April 23, 2015

Vintage Sterling Silver Snake Brooch Marcasite Serpent Pin

One of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols, are serpents and they still remain as popular in jewelry now as they did back in ancient Egyptian times. What makes snakes so intriguing is the association of good and evil, fertility and rebirth, poison and medicine. 

This sterling silver snake brooch is just encrusted with sparkling marcasite stones. It measures 2 inches long, is hallmarked and is just an excellent example of serpent jewelry. Sterling silver marcasite snake brooch can be found here.


  1. amazing! never saw anything like it!

  2. I have never equated snakes with fertility and rebirth, that is very interesting.

    1. There is so much to it Kristen. I only included a small amount of information available on the history.

  3. You've been in a snake mood lately! Fabulous.