Friday, February 27, 2015

Sterling Silver Black Pearl Ring

This is a sterling silver ring with a large black pearl. It is such a great ring, size 6.5 and ready to wear.  Sterling silver black pearl ring can be found here

The Roaring Twenties Flappers

The loose, short, swishing dresses of the roaring twenties made them ideal for dancing. For women the first thing that had to go was the corset. The item that made your figure flat was too restrictive for dancing close with your partner. One young flapper reported “the men won’t dance with you if you wear a corset.” And women said that they could "shimmy" better without corsets. Corset check rooms became common in the early twenties where young women would discard their corsets before hitting the dance floor and wear them home again to appease their family.  

Thursday, February 26, 2015

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Art Deco Sterling Silver Moss Agate Necklace

This is a spectacular hand made pendant and necklace, sterling silver, with a huge moss agate stone. It is definitely a one of a kind art deco period piece.  Sterling silver agate necklace can be found here

Pink Quartz And Blue Foiled Glass Bead Necklace

Isn't the color combination of these beads just gorgeous?  Glass and quartz bead necklace can be found here

Vintage Enamel Turtle Necklace Brown Cloisonne Enamel

Isn't he super cute? If you love turtles, this is the necklace for you. It was hand made in the 1960's, brass with cloisonne enameling.  Enameled turtle necklace found here

Lisner White Bead Necklace Vintage

Great rockability necklace! Double strand white beaded necklace, signed Lisner, just perfect for the upcoming Spring. And Spring will come soon, I am sure of it.  Lisner white bead necklace can be found here

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Emile Pingat Ball Gown c. 1860

Like a fairy tale...Emile Pingat Ball Gown, c. 1860. Emile Pingat was one of the top three French fashion designers during the second half of the 19th century.

Sterling Silver Amethyst Tennis Bracelet

This is a gorgeous sterling silver bracelet with 19 amethyst gemstones for a total weight of 15 carats. This is just perfect for your special February birthday.  Amethyst tennis bracelet found here

Sunday, February 22, 2015

Jade Elephant Pendant Necklace Avon

This is a hand carved jade elephant pendant, embellished with sterling silver and comes on a sterling silver chain. All pieces are hallmarked 925 and the pendant is signed Avon.  Avon jade elephant necklace found here

Art Deco Flapper Bead Necklace

This is a great necklace that has stood the test of time. The chain is gold plated brass with faux pearls and molded glass beads. I can just envision this being worn back in the day. Art Deco flapper necklace found here

Friday, February 20, 2015

Turquoise And Coral Vintage Necklace Sterling Silver

This is a sterling silver beaded necklace with turquoise and coral nuggets. This necklace would be perfect with your favorite pair of jeans.  Turquoise and coral necklace can be found here

Monday, February 16, 2015

Southern Living Bella Luna Glasses

I was a Southern Living at Home consultant for many years and have decided to downsize a bit. I sold the product because I was in love with it, the quality cannot be beat. This is only the beginning of what I plan to sell, got to start somewhere. Let me know if there is a piece you may be looking for.  Southern Living Bella Lunas found here

'Ceylan' Vase by René Lalique circa 1924

Words escape me... 

Art Deco Rhinestone Dangle Earrings

Fabulous art deco period earrings, one of a kind.  Art deco dangle earrings found here

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Statement Necklace and Bracelet Set

If you are wanting to make a fashion statement, this is the set for you. Both pieces have large faux turquoise stones and are in unworn condition.  

Sterling Silver Turquoise Coral Gaspeite Cuff Bracelet

I just listed this sterling silver cuff bracelet. I love the color combination of gemstones, gaspeite, turquoise and coral.  Sterling silver gemstone cuff bracelet found here

The World's Most Expensive Coffee Pot

Set to go under the hammer and expected to bring $6,848,730 USD.

This George II silver coffee pot was created in 1738 and stands a little over 10 inches tall. It is said to be the greatest example of Rococo silver work EVER and will be the most important coffee-pot ever to come to the market, when auctioned at Christie’s in London next month. Collectors from around the world are expected to spark a bidding frenzy for the Rococo masterpiece by Paul de Lamerie (1688–1751) - the greatest silversmith working in Britain in the 18th century.

The pot bears the arms of Lequesne impaling Knight, for Sir John Lequesne and his wife Mary, née Knight - above all others as an example of de Lamerie's design and execution.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Gold Enamel Tiara With Cameos And Intaglios

If the tiara fits...  You can find more tiaras here

Amethyst Bead Necklace Hand Knotted

February is the month of Amethyst. Amethyst is said to be calming, and to help with money issues which can lead to prosperity. There are so many wonderful properties, so I am thinking that I need to drape myself with amethyst.  Amethyst bead necklace can be found here

Tuesday, February 3, 2015